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the Artisanal Alchemist

experiential alchemy is barely the beginning...

  • bespoke bartending

  • cocktale consulting

  • experiential events

  • brand promotions 

  • mixology classes


simple drinks, complex tastes

As a lifelong storyteller with over a decade of bespoke bartending under his belt, TJ Fink (ie, the Artisanal Alchemist) is an extroverted expert at building experiential events from the ground up. He mixologizes all over New York City, venn-diagramming the multiverse of gourmet food with organically tasty tonics.


On the artisanal side of things, TJ is intensely passionate about crafting one-of-a-kind cocktails with his own bare hands. From an alchemical angle, he appreciates the increasingly complex chemistry behind these creative concoctions. (Not to mention the twisted histories behind them.) Long-story-long: he’s always learning something new behind the mahogany, and learning new things is his very favorite. . . well, thing.


When TJ’s not slinging drinks in the five boroughs, he can be found sipping Negronis in his living room and crafting Dr. Seussian poetry inside a tattered moleskin. Every tincture has a tale to tell, after all.

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